Our Team
At Four Holes Baptist, we are blessed to have a wonderful staff who look forward to serving you & your family. Jesus Loves You and So Do We!
J. Don Bell –  Pastor
Favorite Scripture
Life Goal
 – Interum Music Director
Favorite Scripture: 
Life Goal: 
HEATHER CHAVISChildren and Youth Ministry Director 
Heather oversees the various ministries for children and youth at FHBC!
She has worked in Education and Ministry for many years. God led her to begin

homeschooling her children which has greatly impacted her passion for ministry today. Heather enjoys the various in-depth conversations Youth Ministry provides and the sweet innocent conversations that Children’s Ministry encourages. She loves to see the process from beginning to end of spiritual growth that each child journey’s through every year.  

Favorite Scripture : 1 Timothy 4:12
Family: Adam Chavis (husband), two children- Troy and Emma.
Life Goal:
“For me to always remember that His ways are always far greater than mine.” 
KARI SEXTON Administrative Ministry & Finance Ministry Assistant
Kari is the helpful heart that serves in the church office!
As ministry assistant, she provides pastoral and administrative staff support
for the team!
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Life Goal: